10 thoughts on “Your “Sex Muscle” – How to Kegel to Make it Stronger

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  2. I can hold a kegel for a little over three minutes. At about 2:30 secs or so I feel sensation. I don’t get an erection but my heart races and I start to shake just before I can’t hold it anymore. I’m not masturbating just sitting around or working at the computer. Does anyone else feel this way while Kegeling. If so feel free to ym me at skoobie_53182 on yahoo messenger. or just reply here.

  3. What are the differences of doing errect and flaccid kegels? Which method is preferable?

  4. The penis is a muscle. If you over exert muscles then you will experience tightness. When muscles are in a relaxed state they are mostly observed as being flaccid. If you are doing kegels you should not overdo your reps and/or sets. Everyone is different. Finding your own exercise routine is best for you. Taking it slow is always advised.

    • Actually it doesn’t have any effect on the the length but in the tightness there is, kegels will make your cock firmer and harder than it was before. I have been doing kegels for months now and I can see the big difference, I have harder erections now and it lasts for like an hour.